Alice works internationally as an artist-researcher and set designer. She designs physically interactive environments and installations across theatre, arts and commercial sectors, creating spaces from conception to delivery, working with an exceptionally skilled team of practitioners to bring ambitious projects to life. 
Alice regularly undertakes interdisciplinary collaborations, including; paleaontologists (Natural History Museum London), roboticists (Science Museum London), clinicians and social science researchers (Kings College London), and with numerous creative technologists working in XR and live interactive projections to develop techniques that enhance physical and digital integration. Alice appeared as a speaker at SXSW '22, Texas, where she shared her insights from her work in this rapidly expanding field.
Alice's work as an artist-researcher has taken her across the globe, to remote coastal communities and the many subaquatic environments she has discovered through her swimming practice. She has a PhD in Scenography, where she explored through sculptural installation (and swimming in large bodies of water) how touch processes are at work for audiences in immersive and interactive environments, looking at the embodied experience of touch and it's connective, emotive potential in design practices.

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